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When it comes to vendor selection we've got our facts straight

Whether you are selecting a new vendor or system, its important to know what should be included in the RFI or RFP process. Don't worry! We have your back! Download our RFI and RFP Cheat Sheet, to start your selection process on the right foot. 

Delcor Cheat Sheet-CTAThis sheet includes:

  • The key differences between an RFI and an RFP
  • The four essential pieces of an RFI
  • The 11 essential pieces of an RFP
  • Additional tips on running a successful vendor selection process

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We Don't Like to Brag, But...

“DelCor was a change agent. They helped us envision technology as a piece of our strategic backbone. It was a transformative experience – I didn’t expect that from a technology team.”

- Joan Parker, President & CEO, Counterpart Internationa

"DelCor’s role in the project was more than simply managing the logistics of vendor identification and selection; by encouraging us to think strategically, they provided a wide angle perspective and kept us focused on our overall goals.”

- Ceela McElveny, Former Chief Communications and Membership Officer, American Society of Radiologic Technologies