Are You Driving yourself crazy with your IT?

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The success of every project is determined its first day. It is critical you have a good understanding of what is required - what the system or software needs to do - to make sure your projects succeed. In this guide, you'll learn:


  • How requirements impact a project's success and the organization as a whole, and what's involved in a requirements analysis
  • What information is revealed during a requirements analysis, and how to resolve internal discrepancies prior to system implementation
  • The responsibilities of leadership and stakeholders, and how to keep a project on schedule
  • The top ten signs that your project is in trouble


Download our guide, Requirements Analysis: The Secret to Sanity, to find some IT Peace. 

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We Don't Like to Brag, But....

"DelCor was a change agent. They helped us envision technology as a piece of our strategic backbone. It was a transformative experience – I didn’t expect that from a technology team."

- Joan Parker, President & CEO, Counterpart International

"DelCor’s role in the project was more than simply managing the logistics of vendor identification and selection; by encouraging us to think strategically, they provided a wide angle perspective and kept us focused on our overall goals."

- Ceela McElveny, Former Chief Communications and Membership Officer, American Society of Radiologic Technologies